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some of the apps I have developed

iOS is one of the platforms I develop on: for my day job; as a contractor; and personally. I contributed to all of these apps in some way, at least the development, but they're not all mine. They are apps I consider "mine" enough to promote.

Missile VR

Defend against an ever-increasing swarm of UFOs! (REQUIRES GOOGLE CARDBOARD DEVICE)




Who needs fish when you have all of eternity to explore?




Let your toddler paint your screen with fingers and toes—a screenful of notes and colors will keep them entertained for hours, dragging their attention back if they stray.



Spot The Hustle

The old game of "memory" with a twist. Can you keep track of swaps? Try to find the shells which have matching colored "peas". Clear the board to go to the next level.




You may think you've played this game before—but you've never played it like this! Dodging the asteroids with your accelerometer-happy device is just the beginning. TAPPING the asteroids to destroy them has never been more satisfying!




TumbleDots is a fast-paced match-3 game that uses your iDevice's accelerometer. Tilt the board to line up groups of three or more gems of the same color...sounds simple, but there's a great puzzle challenge made trickier in the motion.



also available as a flash game...


Saintify is a contemporary re-imagining of Patron Saints featuring all original artwork, biographies and prayers. All designed for you to share, with your own personal message, by email, Facebook or Twitter.



I am soooo fake pre-loading this image so the navigation doesn't skip while loading the over state.  I know I could use the sliding doors technique to avoid this fate, but I am too lazy.