Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: software :: Missile VR

Inspired by Missile Command

Missile VR (requires Cardboard)

Defend against an ever-increasing swarm of UFOs!


Use your missiles to defend against an ever-increasing swarm of UFOs!

The first wave of aliens nearly destroyed your base. The AI is dead. It's up to you now. Take control of the missiles and hold out as long as you can.

Inspired by Missile Command.

release notes—1.0.1

minor bugfixes

Requires Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a specification, not a single device. The options can be kind of confusing, but my best experience has been with the Mattel ViewMaster VR. The ViewMaster VR fits small and large iPhones (including the 6+), has decent lenses, is "v2" (so uses a capacitive touch switch instead of the magnet), but also has a hole for the camera to see through for augmented reality experiences.

The only other "cardboard" I've tried was pretty crappy (by MINKANAK)—the lenses were subpar, and the phone didn't do a good job of staying in place. If you want to see a larger selection of cardboards, Google has a store.

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
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I am soooo fake pre-loading this image so the navigation doesn't skip while loading the over state.  I know I could use the sliding doors technique to avoid this fate, but I am too lazy.