Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

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I grew up playing scrabble; the tagline appeared to me while frustrated at work. Who knows? I really like the colors and angles it's got going for it, and the stylizations I consider particularly "me". Published in Grasslimb volume 3, number 1, January 2005.


I'm really proud of this one. Published in NFG issue 5. The first version had the second chicken looking like a duck. Ah well. I like that duck.


This was just weirdness; also a result of my writing group. Some people "get it", some people "don't". What there is to get is debatable. Published in NFG issue 5.

The Peanut Gallery

This was an interesting little thing that happened at my writing group. We all just started sketching peanuts; I wound up with ten or so, and picked the "best" four to collage together. Published in NFG issue 4.

The last record of Aunt Mildy

Published in NFG issue 1; I keep meaning to revisit it, because my sketching ability has increased mightily (though I wouldn't consider myself good yet...). Some day.

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