Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

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These fonts are freely available for personal use; any inclusion in collections or use in a business setting requires explicit permission (in writing, though I'll keep a list of legitimate folks linked off of this page in the unlikely event that someone wants it). Modification for personal use permitted, all other rights reserved. And if you do use it, I'd love to know, just... because.

These are my first ttf fonts. They're not "complete". Nor are they all that clean, though "max" is starting to get there. I'm still learning. Leprechaun is reasonably legible at 14 point. Max at 12. Dwelf is... not.

Dwelf 1.0.2: (Dwelf)
Windows Macintosh
leprechaun 1.0.3: (Leprechaun)
Windows Macintosh
MaxFont 1.0.1: (Max)
Windows Macintosh

  • Dwelf_1.0.0: first version (lowercase, uppercase)
  • Dwelf_1.0.1: some punctuation
  • Dwelf_1.0.2: some more punctuation (from leprechaun)
  • leprechaun_1.0.0: first version (lowercase, some punctuation)
  • leprechaun_1.0.1: some more punctuation, touchups on lowercase
  • leprechaun_1.0.2: "final" first version touchups on lowercase, fix punctuation
  • leprechaun_1.0.3: touched up '9', added uppercase
  • max_1.0.0: first version (lowercase, uppercase, numbers, punctuation, and smart quotes :)
  • max_1.0.1: added ellipsis, a bunch of acutes, graves, diereses, and such. not all by far, but... a bunch.

Dwelf & Leprechaun fonts © 2003 - kaolin fire
MaxFont © 2003 - max stockinger & kaolin fire

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